In India, cricket and football is something which is the emotion to all. Most of the population in India even loves to do predictions on a fantasy game.

The entire online game enthusiast comes with a huge interest in playing fantasy games like football and cricket. In fantasy cricket, the players create a team of 11 with their strategy and skills.  

Then get points based on the players playing in the fields. The players you select have their own points on fantasy cricket league. In this way, they can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily.

7 Tips to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily

Below are some of the tips which can help in creating a new team. It’s important to keep the mixture of both the team players in the available categories.

  1. Performance of players
  2. Condition of the day
  3. Scoring bonus points
  4. Opening bowlers and batsmen
  5. Select the caption wisely
  6. Uncapped players
  7. The lesson to your intuitions

Performance of players:

it’s very important to be selective with the players you take. Don’t be emotional when you are selecting players. There are can some of the players who were very good at cricket and your favorites.

But this, not the time for you to get emotional you need to be very selective and use your strategy. Some players use to play very well but their performances are not good in this ipl fantasy league.

Condition of the day:

This means that you need to see the weather, play timings, and pitch. All the players may have different conditions for playing best. There are some players who players perform well in slow turning pitches where some can play better in seaming conditions.

For example, more runs can be performed on flat pitches in this situation you can add more batsmen.

Scoring bonus points:

 try to take bonus points like if you have selected players who took a catch also then you will get bonus points. All these bonus points even get added to your fantasy points.

The more points you get from the players you will select there is more chance for you to get the prize. All you have to do is to select 11 players and place them in the right sequence. You need to understand all the rules and regulations.

Opening bowlers and batsmen:

you need to select players from all the specialist positions. If you are selecting batsmen then try to select from the opening batsmen as they are once can score more.

If you are selecting a bowler then try to select from opening bowler as they tend to have mo rovers in their hand. All this can help you to get more points and you can also rely on them to win.

If you don’t have much experience or hard for you to predict in some particular match then this can help you to win the matches and can help you to get the best points. At CrickMazza11 you can know how to play fantasy cricket league to get more points and earn huge cash.

Select the caption wisely:

Selecting a captain can is very important for fantasy cricket. This can change the whole game as the captain come up with more powers.

Whatever points you get from the particular player and if he is a captain then all the points will be multiplied by 2. So the captain’s point is game-changing and can change the whole game.

If you want to make a captain then try to make an all-rounder caption. He will get points from everything and your points will get multiplied by 2.

Uncapped players:

This player that everyone should select to increase the whole points. A player can unexpectedly increase the points. The players who are unpredictable and there is a high chance that no one will choose those players. A great chance to increase your point.

The game is not just about experience and using the brain but it is also about luck. In every team, you will get players in the team who score on that day when you have never expected them.

The lesson to your intuitions:

sometimes your experience and strategy don’t hit the right spot. In some games, you must even lesson to your intuitions. This can even help you as you have 45 minutes before the game starts.

At the last minute, you can change your whole team. Just remember you can change until the match starts. Once the match starts then the application will not allow selecting anything.

At your initial stages try to start with a small amount and then go to big games. This will even help you to understand the rules and the way you can play all these games.


All these above points will help you to get more points and there is a high chance that you can win. There is something which will help you to make points and some are there which you can change.

All this suggests also depends on how much you are spending. You need to select one of the applications of fantasy cricket that are available and trustable.

You can even create multiple teams and join multiple leagues. This will even increase the possibility of winning.

If you have experience in cricket then this platform is for you. If you don’t have much then don’t worry the above tips will help you to earn money and enjoy it.


All users need to create a better team with better players. There are so many things you need to keep in mind while making a team.

You need to select the players by the important available about all the players. You can even change your team at the last moment before the match starts.

This fantasy cricket league is all about predicting the right players which can help you to earn more points. In this way, you can get more prize money. You can even get daily money just you have to create teams and wait for your selected players to score well.