In India Cricket is considered one of the popular games. The people who love cricket loves to play, enjoy, and watch all over the world. Many cricket lovers can predict the match and some of them even understand what and why things went wrong while the players were playing.

Now the cricket lovers who have experience must use them in playing fantasy cricket. As IPL has started and fans already know what actually fantasy cricket means. You must play ipl fantasy league 2020 and use your experience to win real cash.

What really is ipl fantasy league 2020?

IPL 2020 fantasy league is a virtual match. When participants can make their own team with the virtual cash they have in their application. There are so many applications are being introduced from which you can play your own virtual match by seating t home.

Not only that the people who had a dream of being the owner of a team you can even fulfill that and can win cash daily by this. There has a specific number of changes in the tournament for every team.

The participants will only get point best on the number of players they have select are playing well on the field. This is many a prediction cricket match where your brain and experience in cricket will help you a lot.

This even includes all parts of the game-like taking wickets, scoring runs, keeping up high strike rate, run outs and many more. You just need to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily so you can even keep this as pocket money and extra income.

Advantages of playing fantasy cricket:

There are so many advantages that you can get from playing fantasy cricket. You not just watch a match for your entertainment but can even earn out of it.

No time restriction is given from the application. You don’t need to spend more on the exceptional things. As you just need a smartphone and download the application on your phone.

Then create a team that you think will win and use some of the virtual cash. In return, you can earn a lot of money which purely depends on your prediction.

  • The ability and skills of choosing a team and players improve.
  • You can even play this game at any age just you need a good experience in creating a team.
  • You don’t have to seat and watch IPL 2020 but now you can even win real cash at the same time.
  • There is a high chance of getting huge money and prize out of the game.

IPL Fantasy league 2020:

IPL 2020 has started and the cricket lovers are so much happy and excited about it. This is the right time that cricket lovers should improve their skills in selecting and participating in IPL fantasy league 2020. Below are some of the noticeable things of this IPL are:

  • You will get to see top international players in just one team.
  • This is the right time to showcasing a new talent inform of cricket lovers.

IPL fantasy league is best for those watchers who cannot seat at the stadium and see the match. This will help them to watch the match and even to earn money from their own comfort.

There are some rules and features that you need to understand first before mating a team that will help you to earn money. You can even navigate the team on the website of IPL which makes it easier to navigate the players and to explore the world of playing fantasy cricket.

The players you choose and if they even play wait on the girls then you will get points according to it. As per your points, you will get a rank and you will receive a reward according to it.

If you have gathers all the high points in the game then you will be the winner and will get a reward and real cash as a prize. The players that you will select as per your experience and decision will earn points on your behalf you.

The way they perform in the real game you will get the points accordingly. The game is all about predicting the right players who can help you to win the matches.

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There are so point criteria that you have to keep in mind while making a team.


  • If a batsmen take runs then you will get 0.5 points for that.
  • For each boundary, you will again get 0.5.
  • You will receive 1 point for the six.
  • The 4 points for real-life.
  • 8 pots when the players reach the full century
  • And 2 points will be deducted if he is out.

Bowlers :

  • For each wicket the blowers take will get 10 points.
  • Bonus 4 points if the blowers take 4 wickets.
  • If he takes 5 wickets then 8 points.
  • 4 points for each maiden over.
  • 4 points for catches and stump or run out 6 points.

Their much application in the market it mainly depends on the fans which fantasy cricket match they want to go for.

There are some basic rules for all the applications that you need to follow. You have to be careful about the bowling, and batting orders. If you make a simple wrong step then the match can change dramatically. Then wait for the match to wait that you are watching. 


It’s very important to select a trustable application which will help you in earning money out of a match.  The rules can even vary as the different applications can come up with different rules.

It’s very important to go through the rules and understand which can help you earn real cash.  You just have to use your experience and select the right players which can help you to earn more and more points. IPL 2020 is there to change your experience to play fantasy cricket.