The T20 world cup is almost here and the cricket fans in India are very excited about it. Cricket is way more than a game in this country. Fans know more about the game and its players than their own family and friends.

Just a few years back the fans were only concerned about how the team of their nation performs but now things have changed a bit.

There is a category of cricket fans that are now concerned about how their team performs, this is the category of fantasy cricket app users. The users of these applications keep an eye on all teams and their star players.

Fantasy cricket league gives an experience of high traffic and user engagement during the IPL season. This time these applications are expecting the same during the T20 world cup.

The T20 world cup is one of the biggest attractions in all the sports leagues around the world.

These applications have endless opportunities during this time. If they use the right promotional strategy before the world cup, they might experience a great boost.

Evolution of Fantasy Applications

Fantasy apps to play cricket have evolved a lot with time and they are still updating every now and then. These applications have seen a great rise in the fan base and genuine and consistent users.

These applications are not just a way of earning cash prizes to people, people experience thrill and fun while the game is on.

The basic concept of these applications was to provide the sports fan with an application where they could use their skills and knowledge.

Users can win real and big cash prizes with their cricket knowledge and real-time decision and team making skills. The players feel a sense of connectivity because they are able to create their own team, choose a name for it. They can control who becomes the captain and vice-captain of the team.

Along with the application, the users have evolved too, they have started taking this seriously. There are some users who really invest their time in analyzing teams and their players.

The fantasy sports game started as a website but because the technology moved to smartphones, they have their apps available now. More than 75% of the fantasy cricket players are using it on smartphones, and that is the reason behind this evolution.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of these applications is the introduction of other sports like football and kabaddi. Every new sport will attract the fans of that sport, and this way the application will get new users.

There are many sports that are not popular in India but they are very popular in other countries such as hockey, Baseball, Badminton, etc. Introducing new sports can attract people from other countries and that will give great growth to the website and application.

Reasons why investing in the Fantasy Cricket App Business is an intelligent decision

  1. Less competition
  2. Quick earning
  3. Legalization

Less competition:

The concept of fantasy cricket application to play fantasy games is new and entertaining. This concept is useful and attractive to every age group.

There are only a few companies that are in this field which lessens the competition in this field. If someone is looking forward to launching their own company, this may be the most suitable solution for them.

This increases the fan base of that organization and helps it to be popular in a short interval of time.

Quick earning:

There are several contests that can be added to the app before the starting phase of playing a fantasy cricket league. In order to enter the contest, the users will be required to pay a certain amount of money from their wallets.

There is a large audience that participates simultaneously and the prize money of the contest is always less than that of the total amount gathered by the participation.

In this manner, the developers can earn a regular profit. This totally depends upon their innovation techniques and other marketing capabilities of the whole team.


Fantasy apps to play cricket are now completely legal in India. Initially, they were considered somewhat like gambling. But after certain petitions and changes that were made in the past few years.

This is another reason that resulted in the huge potential audience all over India. Fantasy apps are a great way to experience real cricket and earn monetary benefits at the same time.


India is one of the biggest markets for fantasy sports apps. It can be termed as the most prominent market for these applications all over the world, the reason being, the popularity of cricket.

These applications recorded 18 to 20% growth in their user base in the year 2017. This is expected to rise in the time to come. These applications recorded earning of almost 90 billion dollars in the year 2019.


The T20 world cup 2020 is knocking at the door. Now, it is high time to enter the market to play fantasy games.

Both the developing companies as well as the registered users have a huge number of benefits. Additionally, there are numerous benefits in this market along with the pure form of entertainment.