All the cricket lovers are busy with creating teams at CrickMazza11 by following the tips and tricks which can help them in getting a big prize.

Fantasy cricket not only helps cricket lovers to use their experience but even earn. The participants have to keep in mind some of the rules which can help in selecting 11 players for their team.

Fantasy cricket has grabbed the interest of all the cricket lovers. Here we will discuss five batsmen that you should never miss when creating a team in IPL 2020 while play cricket fantasy.

5 batsmen that you must add to your fantasy team:

If you are thinking who all are the batsmen whom you must add in the play IPL fantasy cricket. Below are some of the lists of batsmen which can help you increase your points. All this will help you in increasing the chance of winning and earning more money.

MS Dhoni

The captain of Chennai Super Kings who knows how to win a match with his captainship skills. He returned to the work of cricket after taking a break of 14 months. He played the last year world cup.

He even took retirement in August 2020 which even shows how much IPL means to him. The experience he haves in IPL with the 3 times IPL winner. He plays a big role in this IPL too. The type of batsmen he is and the way he makes big sixes not only help his team to win but even increase your points in the match.

Virat Kohli

There is a better-polished batsman when compared to Virat Kohli. He is the formal captain of the Indian cricket team and comes up with some of the nation records due to his bating. Somewhere he lacks in the match of IPL.

He is the captain of RCB a team of IPL. Tow times his team stood at the bottom of the chart and twice he was the second last team in the match. But all of those days refreshed Kohli is expected to change the fortune of the RCB this time.

He scored 464 and 530 runs in his last two seasons. This time Kohli can hit long sixes which can change the team position this time.

Chris Gayle

He is one of the unpredictable batsmen. He has two huge IPL records in his name. One of them is a huge six of 326 in 124 innings and comes with maximum centuries.

Shifting from one team to another but he is the one who can even make a team win when no one can even expect. In the last 2 seasons, he came up with 368 and 490 runs.

At the age of 40, he may not be one of the fittest or agile players but the power he has in his muscles can break more records. The last play he played was in January being ready to see him explode in this IPL fantasy league.

David Warner

The captain of the team Sunrises Hyderabad, David Warner is one of the best batsmen in the IPL. In the last 3 IPL seasons, he has scored 848, 642, and 692 won in the respected years 2017, 2018, and 2019.

With the runs of 528, and 562 followed with a couple of seasons. This player can bring big hitters and can make your fantasy cricket in a winning situation.

You must add him to your team which you are creating so that you can get a lot of points. He is one of the players who will never disappoint you and will make you reach your heights.

Rohit Sharma

he is the batsman who has scored three ODI double centuries. Rohit Sharma has struck five centuries in the last year world cup and from then he is the Mi skipper is holding his form.

After all of this, he was the opening bathes man in the test crickets. He even wined the IPL title with Mumbai Indians. So he is one of the players if he faces more of the ball then he will hit more scores.

This will help in getting more points in the fantasy game and this, you can win big prizes.

All this strategy will help you to play IPL Fantasy Cricket and win real cash from those. There are so many players from which you can choose.

The above-mentioned players are scoring players which will help in getting more points for your team. Fantasy cricket is an entertainment game and from this, you can even earn.

By using your experience and prediction skills you can start with call prize money which will help you in understanding this match.

If you also want to play this game then it’s very important to select a trustable fantasy cricket application. You just have to select the players whom you think can score and you will get the sufficient points.


This is the right platform for the entire cricket lover to show their skills. In this way, you can seat at home and start earning.

You can even make multiple teams and put them in different leagues which can increase the probability of winning a game.

This game all depends on probability and prediction. There are some rules that all the participants need to follow. There is a different system which you will understand once you have started participating.

One of the crucial things is to select a captain and vice-captain if you select the right man then there is a 100% chance that you can win.


Play fantasy cricket is very common among cricket lovers. Here you just have to create your own team and put them in IPL Fantasy League. In this way, you will be the owner of a team.

Certain skills are required while playing your experience and smartness. You can create your own team at any age and can even earn from this. This can be your pocket money.