IPL Fantasy League is one of the virtual games. People who are participating in this virtual game have to make their team with virtual currency.

When two teams are playing on the field and in your application, you will get players with the virtual value. Every participant has to create a team with those players within those points.

There are some rules that all the participants have to follow. There is even a limitation of foreign players that you can select from.

During the tournament, there are some changes that you can go through which is even limited. –  Points depend on the players who are playing on the field like scoring runs, marinating strike rate, run-outs, catches, etc.

At the end of the tournament after playing every match there are some of the points that you will get. In this, you can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily.

How to play the IPL fantasy league?

First of all, you need to register yourself income trustable IPL fantasy league application. You can easily sigh-up after this you need to put your username and a proper team name. After this, you can create a team after going to some easy rules and regulation.

Before choosing players in your team you need to see the points you have. Then as per the virtual points of every player, you can select them in your team.

From your total budget, each player’s points will be detected so in this way you have to select players smartly. There are some restrictions or rules that you need to go through.

Rules of IPL fantasy

There are so many fantasy games and rules. Same as that there are several riles in IPL fantasy rules. When the users have to follow certain rules while creating a team some are mentioned below:

  • You have to select at least one wicket-keeper and a maximum of four.
  • Select at least 3 batsmen or a maximum of 6.
  • From all-rounder, you can select between 1 to 4.
  • At least you need to select bowlers between 3 to six.
  • You can only select 4 overseas players.
  • From one team you only have to select 7 players.

You have to create a team of 11 players which will help you in creating a team. Before the match starts on the field you can make any changes.

In fantasy cricket game you not only play the game by using your experience and skills but can even earn money from those. If you want to earn real money by just seating and playing at home then this is the best game.


Point system of IPL Fantasy:

There is a certain points system in this IPL Fantasy that everyone needs to follow. in this way, they can earn a lot of money by following the rules. This game is not gambling but just a prediction game and even legal in India.

 Points in batting those players receive:

  • The participants will get 1 point for each run the players take.

  • For every boundary bonus, the participants will get one point.

  • For every sis run, the players will get 2 points.

  • If the players reach half-century then 8 points are given.

  • if the player scores 100 runts then the users will get 16 points.

  • -2 points are deducted if the batsmen get out.

Points that receive by players per batsmen:

  • If the strike rate is between 60-70 then -2 points

  • -4 points strike rate is between 50-50.99.

  • If the strike is 50 then 6 points will be deducted.

Points that players receive from bowler:

  • If the economy rate of the player is below 4 runs per over then the users will get 6 points.

  • The users will get 4 points if the economy rate is between 4 to 4.99 runs per over.

  • The economy rate if between 5-6 runs per over then 2 points are allotted.

  • If the economy rate is between 9 to 10 the 2 points are deducted. 4 points are deducted if the economy rate is 1.01 to 11 runs. 6 points are deducted if the economy rate is above 11 runs.

There are certain other points that participants get if they have selected the right players. Those players make the points if:

  • For every catch 8 points are allotted.
  • For stamp and direct run out 12 points are allotted.
  • 8 points are allotted for a direct hit to the stamp while throwing.


You can change your team until the game starts on the field. After that, you can’t change or replace any players.

To make your experience more fun there are weekly and daily challenges that you need to go through. By playing Play fantasy cricket you can even win real cash. Your knowledge of cricket can make you lakhpati so you should know how to play fantasy cricket.