The 13th edition of the ever-exciting IPL cricket games is almost here and there is no end to the fun possibilities in the cricket-universe! All the cricket fans are geared up for the brand new season of excitement, wins, fun and more.

As the season is all-new with various innovations and many new introductions, there is a lot more to look forward to.

The IPL has managed to get the Cricket-fever to people in a manner which has been successful in ruling the imagination of the mass like never before. The franchise has been a successful one, with overseas players, experts, and cricket enthusiasts taking the center stage.

With eight IPL teams playing for the 13th time, the stakes are just as high and the thrill is soaring. However, fantasy cricket is the all-new trend that has propelled the craze for the game to another level.

With the launch of the online fantasy cricket, people play fantasy cricket and win real money.

This has sparked a major interest in the field of cricket in areas least expected. Now, you have the housewives, business executives, elders and college going girls indulge in some heavy dose of cricket.

The game is fairly easy to follow once you have been there. Online registration is a breeze and you can choose to play for free if required.

To start with, fantasy cricket was not expected to rise to the heights it currently enjoys. Now, there are various partners who have shown interest in investing in the fantasy cricket games, all because of the kind of popularity it is enjoying.

Likewise, CrickMazza11 is one such wonderful platform where you get to play fantasy IPL and win big.

This online fantasy cricket is one of a kind, where you are offered more than one chance to win big and earn real cash. This time around, with the on-going IPL games, you can win over 10 Lakh cash prize in the year 2020. Let us explore in detail.

Select the Match:

Match selection is an important aspect of an ensured win. Usually, the fantasy cricket contest entries are wrapped up an hour before the real matches so you can only guess about the players’ selection.

However, as the ‘toss’ is commenced about 30 minutes before the games start, this can give you a lead on the best players to choose from. As you know what the two teams have chosen to opt for, you might as well use it for your benefit.

The contests:

There are more than one on-going contests on the site. These contests can be created by you and have others participate in them as well. When selecting the contest to win, it is smart to go for the smaller contests with fewer participants.

This will increase your chances of winning, thus, allowing you big earnings. It is also advisable to go for contests which are confirmed.

The Point System:

It is necessary to fully understand the ‘Point System’ in order to better get a hold of your winnings. When selecting the eleven players for your team, it is advisable to know how much of a point each player and positions held.

Run out   6 6 6
Run out -catcher   2 2 2
Dismissal for Duck (batsmen, wicketkeeper, all-rounders)   -2 -3 -4
catch   4 4 4
Run out   4 4 4
Catch & Bowled   14 16 12
Stumping   6 6 6
Wicket   10 12 8
For every run scored   0.5 0.5 0.5


4 WICKETS 4 2 2
BOUNDARY 0.5 0.5 0.5
5 WICKETS 8 4 4
SIX HIT 1 1 1

It is also important to select your Captain and your Vice-captain carefully as the score of the CAPTAIN IS 2X  and the score for the VICE CAPTAIN IS 1.5X.

So, when you create your own cricket team, it is important to check out the performances of the players you are opting for before you finalize them.

Offers and prizes:

At CrickMazza11, you get to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. This site is filled with various exciting offers that keep emerging on a daily basis.

As a registered user, it is important to keep an eye on the offers and what they have in store for you.

There are various interesting quizzes, contests, and giveaways that a regular at the site is sure to grab on. These are easily translated into cash wins at the end of the day.

Refer and win:

This is a wonderful way to start as you play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. The referral programs at CrickMazaa11 are exciting and generous. This works as you refer a friend over the site, both you and your friend win a bonus amount.

This is a great way to be sure that you earn some real cash as you get your friends to join the cricket excitement with you at CrickMazza11.

CrickMazza11 is a great online fantasy cricket platform which ensures that all the participants have winnings to their credit.

This site is a wonderful place to extend your cricket excitement and play as much of the sport as you wish to.

As the more you play, the more you learn about the game, the more you learn, the more are your chances to win cash.

The best part about CrickMazzaa11 is the variety of the formats and variants offered, thus, giving the user a wonderful advantage for a big win.

The site is authentic, safe and secure making your fun ‘unblemished’ all the way. This sports app development fulfill all dreams of fantasy lover because this is the great platform to earn money online.

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With the current IPL season at ‘full-swing,’ the cricket fans all over the country are more than happy to indulge in more than their share of cricket.

So, while watching the matches live, or in your living room through the Television might be great, it goes a ‘notch-higher’ when you get the ‘extra time’ with the game as you play fantasy IPL at CrickMazzaa11.