Do you want to earn money by playing games online?

Then here you will get some of the ideas of earning money by just playing and doing predictions. Fantasy cricket is on their high and most people are playing this game.

In fantasy cricket, you just have to predict 11 players. Fantasy cricket has got almost popularity as you get the opportunity to win real cash by just predict players in your team.

Fantasy cricket basically allows you in playing your own game that will go beyond seeing the game on your virtual screen. On CrickMazza11 fantasy cricket app, you will also come across various features that are not available on other similar apps

A refer to friend option is there that will help you wining points for each recommendation you do.

Why fantasy cricket is a profitable choice?

As everyone has a smart phone in their hand and falling internet prices have given all the people the equal opportunity to use them in earning money.

In fantasy cricket, the participants have to create a team of 11 virtually. If your prediction is right then this will help in winning money in each match.

You have to make your strategy to play this game so that you select all the players who can generate points for you.

You have to forget all the emotional attachment with the great players and need to focus on the players giving their best performance. There are some crickets that you may love but they are not in their best performance then try to avoid them.

Selecting this type of player is a waste of your virtual cash as you may not get any profitable return.

Some new players are showing their performance and giving their best then you just select them. in this game, you have selected the right player so that you get points in return.

You can even go to the last match you pick the players who are performing their best. There are certain rules in this fantasy cricket that you need to follow while creating a team.

Once you select an application of fantasy cricket then you will get bonus points which you can use to select a team at first.  If you play fantasy cricket then there is a high chance of you winning real cash.  

As you start selecting the right players you will start getting more points from you will start winning money. You can use this money for further games or you can even transfer it to your account.

Creating a team:

Once you have selected a league you have to make sure that you start creating a team of 11. Here you even have to choose a captain and a vice-captain of a team.

A lot of points depend on this so you have to select them very wisely. Whatever the captain scored the points are multiplied by 2 and 1.5 for the vice-captain points.

This is one of the crucial things that you have to keep in mind while creating a team as this can change everything and you can even win and lose depending on this.

There is an option to change a captain or any players before the match starts. At the last moment, you can change your team as per your prediction but you have to stop when the match starts in the real field. 

Fantasy cricket is legal in India and you can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily.

You must have deep knowledge about cricket before investing in it. If you don’t have much knowledge then also you don’t have to worry. After one or two matches you will definitely understand the way you need to execute?

Time for registering:

You simply need a smartphone download and install the fantasy cricket application. You can even get an invitation from your friends which will help you directly join the game from which you can even get a bonus.

Next, you have to go through the rules that will help you to know the system of selecting players in the team. In a team, you have to keep blowers, batsmen, wicketkeeper, captain, and a vice-captain.

For all of the activities of the players, you select you will gain points. This even includes a catch out, run out, six, etc. there is a certain time that you have to main while putting your team in a league. But once the match starts on the field you can’t many any changes.



Fantasy cricket is one of the best plays to earn money this ipl fantasy league by playing virtually. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind.

You have to make sure that you follow all the legal procedures and play safe so that you don’t face any problem. There are many fantasy cricket app in the market make sure you choose the trustable once.