Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IPL (Indian Premier League) was getting delayed. The fans had no hope of seeing IPL this year but now Indian’s biggest cricket event is back.

Now this event will happen in UAE due to the lockdowns on social distancing. The fans are ready to watch the match from the comfort of their house. As people are forced to stay at home and now they will get a daily dose of cricket. And also they can play fantasy cricket.

All the cricket lovers are excited enough to see the match and enjoy seating at home. as we know that most of the work and college have started from the home due to the pandemic situation.

Now this year you just don’t have to watch the match but can even earn money by seeing it.

There is so many cricket fantasy app that is introduced from which you have to predict the team and join the leagues. You will get a lot of opportunities to earn money. Cricket fantasy is not gambling and it’s even legal in India.

Crickemazza11 is a fantasy cricket application where you have to join the league you are comfortable with and then create a team of 11 virtual players.

In the application, you have to put some virtual money from where you can put the same on creating a team. You can even start will a small amount once you start understanding the game it will be easy for you.

Things you have to keep in mind while playing with CrickMazza11

There are certain things that you have to keep in mind while putting your money in this application. If you are new to this fantasy cricket concept then it’s very easy for you to understand too.

1. Easy to use:

The application of fantasy cricket is very easy to use. First of all, you need a smartphone and the internet. Then you have to download the application and install it on your phone. Then select a league that you want to start with and then get ready to win and earn money:

2. Play fantasy cricket and win cash daily:

With the help of this application, you just don’t have to watch IPL but you can even win some real money too. With the help of this application you just have to predict 11 players from which you have to create a team.

In this way, if your prediction of the players is right and the performance that you predicted is right then you will get a lot of points from that. With the help of these points, you can even earn a lot of money.

3. Rules and regulation: 

While you play ipl fantasy leagues you have to keep some rules and regulations in your mind. In this way, you have to set the team.

There is some limitation of selecting players. From one team you can only select 7 players, there should be a captain and a vice-captain in a team.

The points system is also distributed in different slabs like different points are allocated to the blower, batsmen, wicketkeeper, etc. You will even get points if your selected players did a run-out, catch, etc.

For every match, you have to select a captain and a vice-captain. This can even make you win the game or even lose.

The captain’s points are multiplied by 2 and vice captain’s by 1.5 so you must select them wisely. If you play fantasy cricket and win then you will get real cash in return.

Crickmazza11 is one of the best platforms where you can predict your team of 11 in every match and will get the chance to win by seating at home. You can treat this money as pocket money. never be greedy to earn more day by day because this can destroy your performance and patience.

Play cricket fantasy to explore the enjoyment of the field match and even get money. now you don’t just watch the players to play on the field but you can even earn from that.

It’s very important to select those players whose performance is best in this series. Try to choose the young players as they not only give their best but this is the best chance to showcase their talent.

You may have some of the favourite cricketers but it doesn’t mean that if they have the experience they can perform. IPL is a 20-20 over match so in a short period of time the player has to showcase their capability to everyone.


In this IPL you will not just watch the match but you will even enjoy the match and earn money but you just need to know how to play fantasy cricket and you can earn real cash. A lot of people will get the opportunity to win a cash prize this ipl season.