Ever since its launch on 13th September 2007, the Indian Premier League or the IPL has been more than just the sport. It bought the sport of Cricket from the arena to areas that were never before imagined.

There was glamor, there were the media, there was a huge amount of money and lots of excitement. One cannot deny the fact that the IPL was the ‘quick action’ dose of entertainment that was much craved by the current generation. 

The regular cricket game of 50 overs each side which lasts for the entire day in case of ODI’s to two to three days for the test cricket; while the game itself is quite exciting to follow, nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that it is long. IPL changed this which was further changed by the people who play fantasy sports cricket.

The Indian Premier League soon brought home the ‘quick’ action where the game was short, sweet and exciting. Launched by the BCCI, the IPL is the franchise-based Twenty20 cricket played by eight teams in India.

Here the team owners bid for their players who are cricketers from around the world. This involves millions of dollars of prize money which is won by the winning team at the end of the tournament.

The IPL 2019 had the winning team take home 200 million dollars and the brand-new season of the tournament is already geared up for the excitement. Fantasy sports app development made a huge change in this era because this is a awesome platform for sports lover.

IPL 2020: what is new this time?

The cricket world is holding its breath and is ‘grooming’ for 29th March 2020, the 13th edition of the IPL games. This is not just for the ‘people in the pitch’ but the excitement is just as high as for those who play fantasy IPL as well.

Being the most celebrated leagues globally, the IPL has managed to ‘rock the world’ at a single go. The domestic and the overseas players are ready for the bid and display their prowess on the field.

There are many innovations in the games that came along with the launch of the IPL; such as the concept of ‘playoffs’ and the introduction of the foreign experts on the fields.

It is safe to say that the IPL has managed to revolutionize the T20 leagues globally. This has also led to an increase in the number of players who play cricket fantasy online games. So, what is the IPL 2020 going to be like? Let us check out what the ‘cricket pundits’ have to say.

The biggest announcement was made earlier this year when the BCCI president announced the ‘All-Stars games. These games will be played before the onset of the IPL with two teams representing the ‘North East’ and ‘South West’ zone IPL franchise.

Also, the other new introduction is the ‘concussion substitute’ which focuses on the safety of the players. This was long due and has finally materialized for the better.

The new season of IPL will also have the third umpires calling for no-balls, as opposed to the on-field umpires taking charge of the task so far. The new season of IPL will also observe the reduction of the doubleheader games for 2020.

So, those of you who play fantasy cricket can take note of this fact that there will only be 5 doubleheader games this season. It was also announced by Ganguly that the final game of IPL will be hosted in Mumbai, against the much-speculated Ahmedabad.

So, all you out there who are ready to play cricket fantasy, in which one can use the latest information and the other regular updates to better strategize their team.

The fantasy cricket craze

Have you been gritting your teeth and pulling your hair out, just because you had a better strategy in mind? Or do you believe you could do a better job of putting together the ‘perfect cricket’ team? Now you can.

Not just that, you can also play fantasy sports cricket and own a team as well. The cricket craze is not just confined to the fields anymore.

With the growing trend in the popularity of ‘fantasy cricket’ participants can now play, enjoy and win big by using their cricket knowledge.

With the ‘almost real’ feel of the cricket excitement, the fantasy cricket online is all about implementing your cricket knowledge, using your expertise and having great fun as you play fantasy cricket.

The thrill of fantasy cricket

For those who play cricket fantasy online, IPL is a sure ‘compass’ of sorts. However, the best part is that online fantasy cricket is for both beginners and people who are acquainted with the game previously.

The thrill of fantasy cricket and its rising popularity is due to the ‘real money’ involved. The players of fantasy cricket virtually ‘own’ a team or act like a cricket team owner. Essentially the pattern of the play goes in the following manner:

  • The user requires to select from the various on-going matches online
  • Select the ‘Create Contest’. This allows you to create a contest of your choice and have others participate in it
  • Get started by inviting your friends and family through emails and codes
  • The others can participate by following the link that will be sent to them

This way you can create various fun-activities over the platform and use your cricket knowledge to entertain and amuse those around you.


Likewise, online matches need to be strategized well, using your cricket skills and knowledge. Also, the platform allows you various information and news related to the ongoing IPL so that you can play fantasy cricket accordingly.

The careful selection of the right kind of players, especially the Captain and the Vice-captain of the team can be done by analyzing the fore-coming matches.

Use of the pitch, selection of the order can be assisted into a winning aspect if you can follow the IPL games information available.

The winnings are very much real and can be in-cashed as real money. This is perhaps the main reason why housewives, girls, business executives and people from all backgrounds have plunged-into the fantasy cricket thrill.