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What’s more exciting with Crick Mazza11?

While most games are fun but a mere waste of time, CrickMazza11 gives you a chance to earn money, predict scores and so much more. Why wait? Play fantasy cricket and win prizes!

CrickMazza11 also covers an unbeatable coverage of cricket matches to the viewers from all over the world! On the app you will find five sections on the bottom of your screen:

Home, News, Live, Recent and Upcoming. And the upper left corner opens to a tab with My account, Subscription Plan, Calculator and more.

  1. Home
  2. News
  3. Live
  4. Recent
  5. Upcoming
  6. My Account
  7. Subscription Plan


The home section has series wise matches, featured videos and top stories. In the series wise match section, you will find all the important information about matches already played like name, date, time, venue, umpires and also the match info, squads, OODS, fancy OODS, points table, scorecard and live now.

The featured videos section has an interesting collection of videos from recent matches like highlights and discussions. Top stories as the name goes, cover the latest articles on the events in the cricket world.


The news section covers interesting and accurate articles related to recent prominent events in the cricket world. Find the ‘news’ tab next to the ‘home’ tab and swipe up for more articles.

If you’re a person who likes to stay up-to-date with all the latest and accurate information, this section is for you! Read more articles and be well informed to throw great facts next time you’re in cricket discussions with your friends!

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The live section streams live matches and give real-time match updates. Viewers from all over the world get access to live streaming. All the required information like date, time and venue of the upcoming matches and it’s countdown is also available under this tab.

The live section is just next to the News tab. Now no need to fight for TV channels or waste time searching for good streams, we got it covered for you! Also find ball by ball updates, scorecard and more in the live section!


Under the recent tab, you will find match updates of all the recent matches. This tab is just next to the ‘live’ tab and before the ‘upcoming’ tab.

Whether you missed an important match due to school or college or office meetings, worry not because all the information about the recent matches is stored safely for future reference. Remember: this feature is not available during the live match. We should thankful to fantasy app developer who developed such an awesome app.


The upcoming section has accurate and up-to-date information related to all the upcoming matches, so don’t miss any of your favorite matches because of being misinformed!

Be it the schedule or the time, we have everything you need to know about the upcoming matches under this tab. Find it next to the ‘recent’ tab and this feature too is not available during the live match.

My Account:

This is the first tab in the window. It allows you to make and manage your account. You get the option to log in/sign up with your email/mobile number and password or through Facebook. You can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily by logging in to the app through My Account section.

Subscription Plan:

The subscription plan gives you an option to choose from the various subscription plans available on the app. The plans available are weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly and range from as less as ₹30.

Subscribing gives you faster score updates, feeds during a live match, free calculator, no on-screen advertisements and fancy. Subscribe now to get discounts on the quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plans!


So, have you installed CrickMazza11 yet? The app comes with an easy user interface and is constantly working on bug fixes and other improvements.

With all the above mentioned features you can also play fantasy cricket and you can win cash daily!

So whether you want to become the next Sachin or the first YOU, take part in IPL Fantasy Cricket League to hone your skills and also win some extra bucks by it! Play IPL Fantasy Cricket League by CrickMazza11 now.