The game of cricket is the ‘first love’ of India and it has always been so, since forever. A good season of cricket is all that is required for a wonderful time binge-watching all the excitement.

This popularity and the love of the game has inspired the makers to come up with the concept of fantasy cricket.

This is the latest thrill that combines cricket and technology, thus bringing to you the chance to play all the cricket fun you want.

The launch of various platforms where cricket lovers can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily.  So, what is it about the fantasy cricket that has led to its popularity today? Let us explore further.

The fantasy cricket game is simple, swift and exciting. The best part about playing fantasy cricket is that it brings the users close to the game, making it accessible round the clock.

Also, the real money involved in the winnings has led to people from various realms of life taking a dive into the world of virtual cricket. This brings us to the topic of discussion covered here.

Many times, we might like a concept but not able to fully understand it. This lack of knowledge keeps us deprived of truly enjoying the essence of a certain concept. In the case of cricket, now you can try and take tiny steps towards educating yourself about the game.

For those users who play fantasy cricket in order to try and learn the game, well, you are in the right place.

All about fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is all about learning terminology, the concept, and the skills required in the game of cricket. For a beginner, once you register yourself at the platform, you can easily get used to the ‘lingo’ applied here.

The simple concepts like ‘Overs’, ‘Run rate’ and  ‘Innings’ can be easily understood as you get along with the flow of the game.

As the game is essential for your ‘choosing’ option as it runs to a certain extent according to your caliber and pace, thus making it easier to grasp the concepts.

The format of fantasy cricket is designed in a manner that you ‘need not’ be a cricket expert to ‘play fantasy cricket. As you register and log in, you can start afresh as a team owner.

As a team owner, you need to compile a competent cricket team which you trust will fetch you a winning streak. The users have the choice to play either the ‘cash match’ or the ‘practice match’.

For the beginner, you can choose to play practice matches and ‘test your waters’. This will give you a better picture of how the game progresses. Also, fantasy cricket is usually played an hour prior to the actual match going on the field. Such sports platform made a huge change for mobile app development companies.

This way, you can choose your team according to the information you have about the players, their performances and their previous winnings. This is a good step if you wish to play fantasy cricket and win cash in the process, as a good prediction usually translates into a win, thus, cash prize in the process.

For someone who is new to the world of cricket and is interested in playing fantasy cricket, maybe, to be able to win some money through winnings, this will increase their general knowledge about the cricket players and the game in general.

This opens new windows for new aspirants and cricket enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the game. There are also various advanced features such as  ‘the leader board’, ‘key player prediction’ or the ‘winner’s prediction’ that help the users with analysis and better strategizing.

The best part about fantasy cricket is the fact that you can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. This brings us to the point where you need to utilize your knowledge of the actual game, your strategizing efficiency and how well you know the players.

As you play, the Captain wins are 2X and the Vice-Captain scores are at 1.5X. Likewise, the other placements of the players at the right play-spots can make you win big.

There are also various ‘Quiz’ competitions which you can take a go. These help to brush up your Cricket IQ and also help to win real money.

The contest feature at the fantasy cricket allows you to not only participate in various contests but also ‘create’ a contest of your own. You can invite the other users and friends to participate in your contests by mail or code.

The wins at the Contest can be drawn to your account at the end of the day or as you would like. However, the top score ‘catcher’ is the wins at the matches played by you. They can start from the very basic figures to an amount unimaginable!

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Ways to utilize your cricket knowledge

Let us take a look at how you can utilize your cricket knowledge to strategize in a better way:

  • Use your information, instinct and common sense to place the players at the right playing positions. Get the prediction information, use the chat-options provided at some of the platforms to interact with the other users as well. The 11 players chosen by you should be in form and playing.
  • The ‘percentage’ assigned by each player lets you know about the ‘winning-streak’ of a certain player. Check out the scores of the players and go for a ‘safe’ choice.
  • It is also vital to choose a match in which you have a better chance of winning. At the time of participating, players and their scores also help give you a better insight into the chances of winning. The contest and the time to participate go a long way in helping you to predict a win.
  • It is advisable to ‘not’ to go by the popularity of a certain alone. This is common sense, as a player might have won an IPL but is not a great pick for the ODI’s, so be sensible.
  • The pitch conditions change rapidly and can be a major factor when deciding on the fate of the match. So, check out the Pitch conditions before you get gaming.

These are a basic few aspects as you play IPL league and win cash daily.

The fantasy games have helped people engage in the sport like never before, as women and elders also trying their luck. This is a great way to earn some cash and a lot of fun while you are on it.