In T20 matches captaincy is one of the pressure jobs. During matches, the captain has to make sure that every step takes very carefully.

Sometimes there some decision which captain take cane we right and wrong too.  This is one of the important and integral parts of every game.

This requires a lot of calmness, experience with strategic intelligence. Below are the top 5 Indian T20 Premier Leagues Skippers ever. These five players are also the first choices for fantasy lover who all play fantasy cricket. But some of them has been retired.

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

MS Dhoni is one of the innovative and strategic captains. He actually knows how to bring the best out of his players and win the matches.

As a captain, he comes up with unorthodox, takes care of the team, peculiar strategies, etc. In every T20 match which even includes IPL, his team CSP is the only team that makes very few changes.

He is so best in this job that Sourav Ganguly even suggest Dhoni write a book related to fielding positions after he takes retirement.

2. Gautam Gambhir:

He is very successful as captain in T20s even in IPL when he joined KKR. He has the natural talent for using his resources efficiently and effectively.

In the IPL matches the way he used Narine was seriously commendable. He is the kind of captain who learns from his mistakes and makes sure that he doesn’t repeat it.

The way he leads his team from the front and the aggressive mentality makes him different from others and successful.

3. Shane Warne: 

Shane Warne’s captaincy has shown power in the field. When in 2008 Rajasthan Royals lost their 4 opening games but they saw an unpredictable change in the tournament.

He uses to motivate all the players and showed his leadership skill. Some of the young players were demoralized after the defeat but he injected confidence after they started to show their skills. After that, they become a big threat to all the teams.

4. Adam Gilchrist: 

He was given charge of the team Deccan Chargers in the year 2008 when VVS Laxman failed to show his leadership skills.

When he becomes the captain of the team everything change as in 2008 the team was bottom of the table wherein in 2009 they were the champions.

He maintained his team very well and uses to give his 100% to show his talent and motivate his team.

From behind the stumps he uses to encourage his team so nicely. In the year 2011, he was bought by Kings XI Punjab an IPL team.

He uses to support his team a lot and use to give the same importance to everyone in his team. He always keeps a very strong bonding in the team which helped in framing a strong bond from each other. This even contributed to team success.

5. Rohit Sharma:

He got the captaincy when he was young and showed his talent to all the IPL teams. in 2013 when he was the captain of Mumbai Indians he even won the T20 match of IPL.

He has a positive attitude and a cool captain and he always gives emery to others to win the match.


He may have lost some of the matches in IPL but he has shown how cool a captain he is and always motivated his players to play best and show his talent.

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