CrickMazza11 is an all-cool fantasy Cricket online game that can be played and enjoyed just about anywhere. This is a great platform that allows people from various backgrounds, age, and gender to explore their cricket luck.

This online fantasy cricket game is entertaining, interesting and very engaging. Here, you get to play as a Cricket team owner and enjoying all the aspects of the game.

The game allows you to go through the original process of the exciting team selection, strategizing, placements and much more.

The thrill of the game cannot be missed, as there are more than just the runs to win out here. As a participating player, you also get to actually earn money. In fact, a reasonable sum, if you know how to play it right.

Play Fantasy Cricket and Earn Money at CrickMazza11

For people looking for a trusted fantasy app to play cricket, can now rely on crickmazza11.  There are lots more than just the runs, wickets and the game to be won.

As a player at CrickMazza11, you as a participating player have more than a single chance to win big through the various exciting aspects of the game.

Here the ‘Fantasy Point System’ is such that, the players can play, refer and win a lot including the bonus, referral points, challenge and leagues created by you.

The rewards are collected by the player at the end of the game and can be redeemed through the various payment channels or utilized further to play many more games on the website.

The game has been created in a manner that allows the player to collect as many award points as possible. There are four different cricket leagues that you can participate in T20, ODI, TEST and T10.

There are various ways to earn points:

  • The Captain 2X for the performance
  • The Vice-Captain 1.5X for the performance
  • Point distribution according to BATTING under the four different cricket game types
  • Point distribution according to Bowling under the four different cricket game types
  • Point distribution according to the Fielding under the four different cricket game types
  • The Economy RATE  which is applicable for the bowlers and the all-rounders
  • The STRIKE RATE for all the participating players except for the bowlers

However, no points whatsoever will be awarded for the Warm-up matches and no points for being included in the teams for the warm-up matches either.

The players and the participants at the CrickMazza11 can also win extra cash for each referral. Not just this, your friend who has been referred will also win extra cash.

This way, one can understand that there are more than one way to earn extra cash throughout your time and lifespan on the website.

In fact, the earning and the winning scheme is so fine at the CrickMazza11 that your earnings are immediately allotted to your account at the end of a certain game or a certain scheme that you have fulfilled.

Fantasy App to Play-Cricket

The CrickMazza11 fantasy app development made a huge change for cricket lover all-cool feature that can be easily downloaded to any Android handset.

Its a leading fantasy app to play cricket around the globe. This allows the players and cricket enthusiasts to play and enjoy the game while on the go.

The registration at the CrickMazza11 is as smooth as it sounds. The App features an online Community. Here the players can view the other participants on the website and share their thoughts and ideas.

This is a great place to get together and enjoy the various facts and figures about the game of Cricket with the other fans and like-minded people.

Also, the ‘Broad Challenge’ at the App allows the individual to check out the performance of the rivals and the other players as such. This helps you check out your own game and also to be able to study the strategies.

The App is so designed that the more you play the more you benefit. Here, the App also allows the regulars to enjoy various prizes and perks as they play along.

The overall interfaces of the CrickMazza11 App are simple, smooth and user-friendly as well.

To get the APP link you will have to simply enter your phone number and the required link will be forwarded to you via SMS. The App is absolutely free and fun to play.


Users can play Online Fantasy Cricket at CrickMazza11 without any hassle. The game here is fun, thrilling and very entertaining.

You have to ‘act’ like a team owner and create a team of our own. The team will have 11 players from the pool of 25 or 35 different players available online.

As a team owner, you earn points based on the performance of your teammates. The best part about playing at the CrickMazza11 is the fact that you can own as many teams as you can manage. This means more fun and more earnings and all the more wins.