Crickmazza11 is one of the futuristic and best games and will grab your attention when you put more interest as you play along. You can even play fantasy cricket and win real cash and it is very simple to play.

Fantasy cricket is nothing but learning the concept, skills, and the terminology which is required in the playing cricket.

In a virtual set up you can get the thrill and action of the real cricket match. The users who want to participate have to create a team of 11 players from the players available online.

As per Crickmazza11 slogan they are made for the fans by the fans as you have to invest low and in return you will receive high rewards.

There are so many advantages that users get while play fantasy Cricket in Crickmazza11 which makes it their first choice.

Things users get from Crickmazza11:

In India, there are 1.33 billion cricket lovers and everyone can’t play physically. CrickMazza11 a fantasy cricket was established in 2019 which you can play virtually by sitting at home.

Below are some of the benefits why everyone thinks Crickmazza11 is there the first choice:

  • Easy to use the application
  • Own contest feature can be created
  • Users get private leagues option
  • A pool of different types of  games, championship, and leagues

Easy to use the application:

People who love cricket they will definitely love the concept of online fantasy cricket game. It is very easy and exciting to play games virtually. First of all, you need to install the application which is a very easy step. 

Then register in that application which can be done by anyone. This application is available for both Android and iOS devices absolutely for free. To select and plan a match you need to sign in to the CrickMazaa11 account. The available matches will be sequence displayed.

Then select the match you want to be part of is that easy. Several other contests are available in Crickmazza11.

This contest is very scoring so you can even earn money from those and can even have a lot of fun. You will even get practice contest, free contest, etc. in this Crickmazza11 application.

Own contest feature can be created:

Being a participant in this platform you can create your own contest which is one of the best things about CrickMazza11. For doing this you have to use the contest code to participate in the contest.  

When you will create a team in other apps you may face a lot of problems and have to keep so many things in your mind. But for here you just need to check the profile of the players which are available online.

The players are enlisted with the virtual credit score you need to select the best players among them.

Being the owner of the team you have the freedom to select the number of players you want in your team which can be more or less. There are several categories like bowlers, batbatsman, a wicketkeeper, and AR. Like that you can even select a Vice-captain and captain for the team that you are creating.

It is also one of the important steps as vice-captain and the captain of the team will help in getting a good score with the help of this platform. In this application when the vice-captain performs it is 1.5X and for captain 2X.

in this way, you can play cricket fantasy league online. Here you can be guided how to play fantasy cricket step by step.

Users get private leagues option:

In this application, you can even challenge your rivals in the private league which is created by you.  At the end of the game, the amount will get credited to your account.

The rewards that you will receive are very attractive which makes this application so popular among users. In the scorecard, the rewards and the ranks can even be check by a particular player.

You can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily which mainly depends on how much you are playing. You will get this application for free on the android devices so that you can even play at any time anywhere without any interruption.

CrickMazza11 is so easy to use and comes with so many features it is growing rapidly.  

A pool of different types of  games, championship, and leagues:

In Crickmazza11 you can create your own fantasy cricket league that is different from other applications in the market. You will find different types of championships, games, and cricket fantasy leagues from which you can even earn by just playing. For this, you have to join the multiple entry league at least ten different teams.

For a limited time period, the owners of these teams are allowed to make changes in the team. According to the players, captain, and the vice-captain performance you will get the points.

It’s very important to have wide knowledge about the team or the players so accordingly you can make strategies for the game.


You will get a lot of competitions and contests when you select Crickmaza11 to play IPL fantasy league from where you can even earn money. In the world market, such fantasy application development is required. The entire contests are very engaging as well as rewarding this is the main reason most people favor this application.

The virtual cricket has changed everything as it is not possible for every cricket lover to play physically. With the help of fantasy cricket, the users not only have fun but can even earn a lot. If nothing else this can help in making a nice amount of pocket money.

CrickMazza11 is basically better than any other one as it plays a major role in enabling the online fantasy gamers to have little with the ongoing match. Moreover, it also allows the gamer to feel similar fervor and rush with the help of fingertips.

To acquire a difference that is revolutionary in the industry of fantasy gaming with Endeavour continuous in nature for extending the limits can be stated as a definitive strategy. 

We Endeavour for enhancing the sentiment of surprise and satisfaction of playing fantasy cricket especially in the regions of India.