• Equivalent OPPORTUNITY

    All clients in choosing a dream group for any match are given a similar spending plan of 100 credits. All clients can approach the database of players and also are bound by similar standards while picking the structure of their individual groups or teams, for example, the most extreme/least points of confinement on the quantity of batsmen, wicket-guardian, bowlers, and all-rounders and cutoff points set on the quantity of players that can be selected from a specific genuine group. This way you get equal opportunity to play online fantasy cricket.


    The credits required to pick a player are bolted for every specific challenge and match. The cost for every player doesn't vacillate depending on the presentation of the player or their genuine group during the specific challenge or the match. So you do not have to worry about your cricket fantasy team.

  • Cutoff time

    CrickMazza11 starts cutoff time at the official match start time for every single included game. The groups can't be refreshed/altered post the cutoff time of the concerned match. This cutoff time is set up to guarantee proceeded with level playing field for every one of our clients. Also to let our clients play fantasy cricket fairly.

  • Contender TRACKER

    You can advantageously download the organization of each group in your challenge after the cutoff time in 1-click. Simply go to My Contests tab there you will get to see one download symbol. You need to click on this and you will get the option to see or save all groups in that challenge. This component permits you to monitor your opposition and never need to stress over any adjustments in anybody's group post cutoff time! This allows you to enjoy and play fantasy game.


    We love to watch our clients win! To guarantee you can play cricket fantasy league online on CrickMazza11 and rival different clients with full certainty, we have taken the below-mentioned measures:

    • The scoring framework utilized for figuring focuses is obviously shown and shown on our platforms.
    • The material payouts for victors of each challenge are unmistakably mentioned.
    • Any rewards/payouts are speedily handled and credited to the User's account.
    • Scores for each match are sourced from exact scoring sustains gave by respectable outsider specialist organizations.

    We endeavor to guarantee that we have real clients only playing on CrickMazza11. To encourage this, we have set up severe strategies and conventions to check any infringement of CrickMazza11 FairPlay. Before pulling back their rewards, the Users are required to confirm their records and outfit their substantial government-approved ID Proof - PAN Card and financial balance subtleties. These subtleties and archives are gathered and checked with the individual specialists. This is how we ensure the authenticity of the cricket fantasy team.


    We work with trustworthy third party gateways of payment with 3-D secure validation to guarantee the wellbeing and security of every single monetary exchange. We don't store your acknowledge/check the card subtleties with us. So you can register on our fantasy app to play cricket without any hesitation.

  • Representatives RESTRICTIONS

    Our representatives are strictly denied from taking an interest in any paid challenges on CrickMazza11. Hence, no inside employments! This is what makes is the best fantasy website. Just like our clients, our employees are also trustworthy.

  • Legitimate

    CrickMazza11 is an aptitude based stage and is offered as per Indian laws. There are no alternate routes or cheat codes for snappy and simple successes or wins. You and all our clients will be able to play just and the fair game only. Visit the Legality page on CrickMazza11 to know more.

  • Correspondence

    We comprehend that being available to our clients fabricates trust and gives security. Thus, we've made it simpler for them to Contact Us with the goal that their questions are tended to on an auspicious premise. So you can ask us any queries you might have regarding our fantasy cricket website.

  • Ensure USER INFO

    Our clients trust us with their own archives like PAN Cards and Bank subtleties. We esteem and maintain that trust in high regard. The data imparted to us is utilized for client verification purposes and is never unveiled to any outside personals. To ensure the safety of all our clients who play online fantasy cricket on CrickMazza11.

  • Mindful PLAY

    • We inform clients in the event that their collected misfortunes surpass ₹25,000 (relevant to Indian clients only).
    • We don't permit clients underneath 18 years old to play in the pay-to-play challenges on CrickMazza11.
    • We don't permit our clients to take an interest in excess of 500 pay-to-play challenges in a solitary match of the fantasy cricket league.

    We don't permit or promote money exchanges on CrickMazza11. No form of cash transactions is allowed to take place here. And we practice this for maintaining the authenticity of the platform.