• Select a Match

    Sign in to your CrickMazza11 account and Choose any of the matches you want to play and flaunt your abilities.

  • Select a contest

    Choose from a variety of contests like the free contest, practice contest or you can simply create your own contest, and you also have the option of entering the contest code which you already have.

  • Create your team

    Make your own team by choosing various players inside a characterized virtual credit score. You can choose the maximum and the minimum number of players from a particular category such as the bat, bowler, WK and AR.

  • Select captain and the vice-captain:

    When you are done with choosing your playing team, now it's a great opportunity to pick your captain and the vice-captain that will assist you with earning additional points.

    2x points for the Captain and 1.5x point for the Vice-Captain, it all depends on their on-field execution.

  • Diversified teams and one league

    Increment your chances of winning with Multiple Entries. Join a "Multiple Entry" League with at least 10 separate teams. You can make changes only for a limited time for safe play.

    You are awarded points as per the on-field performance of your chosen players, captain, and vice-captain so choose them accordingly.

  • Join & win the prize:

    With your CrickMazza11 join a league or challenge created by CrickMazza11 to rival different users or challenge your companions through a private league made by you or your companions.

    now it's time to claim your rewards. When the match finishes check your scorecard for your rank and rewards. Your rewards are credited after your successful completion of the match.

You’ve Earned Winnings!

Now it’s time to claim your winnings. Once the match completes check your scorecard for your rank & WINNINGS!

Winnings in User Account!

Your winnings are credited soon after the completion of the match. Check & Enjoy!

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